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Helpful Advice To Win Your Ex Back

left 300x200 Helpful Advice To Win Your Ex BackLosing your partner’s love can be the most devastating thing in someone’s life. It is like mourning a loved one but the one you are mourning is your relationship AND your lover at the same time.

You must understand that you can win your ex back, that most broken relationships can be mended.

It may seem hopeless to you right now, you may be feeling excruciatingly hurt, rejected, desperate and lonely. You may feel frustration and regret of all the things you could have said but didn’t, if only you could have had a chance to explain, if only you hadn’t done this or that… Don’t worry. It will be alright.

You may not believe it, but you have it in you right now to win your ex back. That power has been in you all along! You had it when you two first met, you still have it now. Haven’t felt it in a long time? It may be one of the reasons your lover broke up. Have you started taking things for granted, including your lover? Have you been neglecting yourself a bit lately? Do you still have the same self-respect you had before? If not, think about what changed. Take a step back. Look inside your soul; find your true self again. This will give you confidence to win your ex back.

One thing you shouldn’t do right after the breakup is call your ex under any circumstances. You don’t want to seem smothering or apologetic. However, stay close to common friends, without discussing your relationship with them. Keep them guessing so you’ll keep your love guessing too.

Once you feel strong enough to enter into contact with your ex, let yourself free to flirt with your love, just like in the beginning. Don’t throw yourself at your ex and definitely don’t tell them you want to win your ex back, he or she might feel overpowered and back off even more. Take things slow and let the magic work again. Romance is like a dance: you move forward, the other steps back. The other steps forward, you move back. If you step forward and forward again and again, the passionate tango can turn into a cat and mouse chase: not very romantic.

If you feel like seeing your ex, you can suggest a night out with friends, or a party you might both be invited to, avoiding a first date alone together. Remember: forward, back.

Stay confident, smile, and look your ex in the eyes. Be yourself, as you naturally were when you first met. Avoid mentioning old arguments, reasons of unhappiness, or blames. Your ex would run away if you start a fight about your last argument; he or she wouldn’t want to go back into a relationship already jeopardized! Remember, simple and easy. Make you ex miss you, giving a little of yourself at a time and you will win your ex back before you even know it.

Just one warning: don’t fall into the danger of re-enacting special moments you had before. You want to present a new and improved version of you, refreshed and glowing. Keep in mind that many broken relationships can be fixed for a bright, happy future and make it work for you.

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