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How To Win Your Ex Back Now

90912662 small 200x300 How To Win Your Ex Back NowOh the woes of heartbreak. You avoid restaurants and places you used to go with your ex. Songs on the radio remind you of the relationship. Seeing couples holding hands makes you want to cry. People you haven’t told of the break up yet ask you how your ex is, making your heart sink and your throat swell.

Breaking up is never easy, whether you are the one doing the breaking or not. It hurts to be left, it can hurt as much to leave someone you love but think you can’t live with anymore. The emptiness you feel is the same.

Is there anything you can do to win your ex back and catch their heart again?

If that’s what you want to do, then yes there is! Nothing is ever definite. Things can change or improve. You have the power to win your ex back if that’s what your heart desires. First, figure out what made you fall in love with your ex. Was it your ex’s sense of humour or hair fragrance? Maybe it was the charm you saw when you dropped all your mail and they helped up pick it up. Whatever the reason, think about it and see if that charm or sense of humour is still there. Has it been buried under day-to-day complaints or arguments about things that turn out to be not that important? Was it worth it to bring the relationship to an end?

Let’s establish one fact true to all break ups: it takes two to tango. No one has all the blame, no one is perfect.

So, you want help in winning your ex back. Here are a few tips how:

  • Do not communicate with your ex, whether by phone, text or email. Don’t talk to your ex’s friends or family. Stay below radar.
  • Do not visit your ex’s Facebook or Myspace pages.
  • Avoid hanging out where that person is sure to be.
  • Basically, break all contact.

This will make your ex wonder about your feelings – if you still have any, how are you getting along alone – and this curiosity will bring your ex back. It works. It’s proven.

Once communication (your ex called!) is open again, here is what you do:

  • Do not act jealous, angry or desperate – stay cool.
  • Keep the conversation light and happy. Absolutely avoid all subjects that once were sources of argument.
  • Appear calm, confident, don’t show neediness or despair.
  • End the conversation yourself, remaining pleasant and detached.

The curiosity will be eating at your ex! Meanwhile, try to get on with your life, even if you don’t really feel like it, even if it’s difficult getting out of bed in the morning, and eat something even if you’re not hungry. Get your friends to help: go out, have fun. Start a new hobby – forgetting your ex won’t be easier, but it’s better than sitting in front of the T.V. gorging on comfort food. This can help you hike up your self-esteem and get on the ladder to getting better so you’re ready for the return of your ex.

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