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How To Save Your Relationship

save your relationship 300x200 How To Save Your RelationshipIs your relationship rocky? Do you feel a breakup coming on? Or have you just broken up with your lover?

What happened? How did it get out of hand? What are the main issues that slipped through your mutual fingers with a mind of their own and destroyed the simple happy love you shared?

If you are replaying scenes in your mind and thinking about what you should have said, rehashing the last discussions that did not end well and trying to interpret each and every word your ex said every which way, if you rehearse over and over what you will say next time you speak, if you feel all the blame is on you and you want to apologize for everything just to get your ex back or to save your relationship, if you have the itch to spy on your ex, you need help.

It is natural after a breakup or being in the process of breaking up to feel frustration, hopelessness and worst of all devastating pain. You need to calm yourself, get the crying and raging out of the way with the help of your friends and start the business of salvaging your relationship.

Remember: almost every relationship can be mended. Yes, almost every single one of them.

When you feel insecure, dependent or needy, your mate absorbs those negative feelings and starts to be put off by them. Sure you can have moments of doubt, but if you stay in a rut of helplessness and dependency, it can backfire. No one wants a clutching lover. It steals away energy from the other, puts pressure on your mate to take care of you without getting anything back since you are incapable of giving when you feel that way. Think back if you fell into this type of behaviour and, if so, when. What were the circumstances that brought this on? Could you have helped it?

Perhaps the relationship went sour after many complaints and no apparent change. Could you have made some changes that, after all, did not ask much of you but could have benefited your ex? Some people feel that changing for someone else is unhealthy. That is true if your lover wants to change your nature, your essence, who you are. What if your mate asks you to change your reactions to certain things? That can be done with minimal effort from you but will make your partner trust you more, and feel like you do hear your mate’s wishes and you take them into account.

Once you have started going out again, seeing friends, planning dinners and gain your self-esteem back, rewind your relationship to its beginning and see what changed over time. There is a reason your ex fell in love with you. Check out this Free Video (Click Here) and use the advice to save your relationship. Chances are your ex misses the simplicity of that first love you shared. Remember: the most important element in a relationship is love. If you have that, you can fix everything.

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