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Remedy For A Broken Heart

broken heart 300x199 Remedy For A Broken HeartRight now, you feel like there isn’t any remedy in the world that could put a balm on your heart if you can’t win your ex back right now. Breakups are probably the most painful loss of a loved one anyone will endure in their lives. You don’t know what to do to make it better, but the pain is unbearable. We know.

Whether you suffer from insomnia because you rehash old arguments or turn the relationship any which way to understand the breakup better, or whether you don’t feel like eating or seeing anyone; or whether you don’t listen to the radio in case “your song” is playing or you don’t go to movies in case you might see couples sitting close together, there is a way to help time heal your wounds a little faster and ultimately win your ex back.

Do whatever you have to do to stop panicking. It is not the end of your life. It is the end of a part of your life. Big difference. You haven’t lost everything. Take stock of what you have in you and what you’ve always had: your friends, your family, your job; your hobbies, your favorite books, your favorite meals; your self-respect, your self-esteem, your education, your knowledge; your interests and pastimes. Now you can take some time for yourself and do things you want to do, without thinking what your ex would have thought about it. You are now free to do what and when you wish.

First and foremost, start taking care of yourself. The crying will subside over time; don’t worry about that. Start by getting up in the morning and eating something. Anything: ice cream or leftover pizza will do for now if that’s what you want to eat: better than nothing. Take a shower, get dressed.

That takes care of the outside. The inside is a little more difficult to fix, but you can manage it.

It is best you don’t talk to your ex right after the breakup. Especially don’t say anything the fact that all you want is to win your ex back. First, it might hurt even more. Second, your judgment will be clouded by the pain and suffering and you might come off as clingy or desperate. You have to feel better before talking to your ex again, let alone to win your ex back, whatever media you might want to use (no phone, no email, nothing).

Start seeing people again. Stay in contact with common friends you had, but avoid questioning them about how your ex is doing. If your friends bring it up, you don’t have to react or comment; stay cool, just like if they just told you their aunt had a hip replaced: “Uhum…..”

You never know, gaining your confidence back might just make you attractive to your ex again. Without promising anything, it has happened many, many times. But the key is to do it for you, so you fill the void the breakup left in your heart with happy thoughts, fun memories and perhaps, who knows, a new beginning with your loved one. As the saying goes: you never know…

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