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How To Get Your Ex Back

67933488 300x200 How To Get Your Ex BackYou’ve been left. You are bereaved, filled with sorrow, alone. If only you could rewind your life, you would skip over the last minutes with your lover and say something else, act differently, say “I love you” instead of “we need to talk”.

All is hopeless. Or is it?

Of course not! Nothing is forever. Most relationships can be salvaged. How? Let me show you some tips and advice on how to get your ex back.

First and foremost, the Golden Rule is cut off all contact. If your ex phones you, okay. But you are not the first one to call after the breakup. Even if you really, really want to, you know what you should say, you want to explain, do not contact your ex. Why? Because at this stage, your judgement is clouded by despair, sorrow and frustration. Nothing good can come out of this discussion if you have it now. You do not want to appear insecure or needy. That’s a definite turn-off.

Next: after you’ve cried all the tears you could possibly produce, get your head back together. Start eating better (of course you haven’t been eating well and it’s okay), take care of yourself, don’t indulge in your depression.

The key to getting your ex back is to convince yourself you have the power to repair your relationship. You do. It’s in you. What will grab your ex’s attention is if you have come back to being confident, sure of yourself, calm and reserved. By this, read: don’t act jealous, don’t call crying and sniveling, don’t leave tons of messages, and certainly don’t beg. Imagine you were the one who borke up and they did that to you. You’d react annoyed and even more turned off.

Take the time to do other things, see your friends, go out, have fun and maybe even accept to go on a few dates. Yes! Why not. This will help to convince you your ex is really the person you want to be with or if your ex pales in comparison to other people: sure sign.

What made you attractive to your ex in the first place? Think back. When you met, what was it that your ex kept saying he or she liked about you? Your laugh? Your charm? The way you look in a particular hat? Those reasons are still in you. Now reflect on the last few months with your ex. Did you stop laughing? Did you get in a complaining rut? Have you stopped wearing hats (ok: just a silly example!)? Were you more independent before? Did you fall into a dependent behaviour? Maybe some circumstances made your self-esteem decrease?

Once you have reflected on these issues and have gained confidence in yourself again, start asking around about your ex, where you can run into her or him. You will be well prepared to flirt with your ex just like in the beginning, no arguments, no blame distribution, no bad feelings. Start fresh, relaxed, confident and self-assured. Remember: if you’ve broken up, you can make up.

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