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4 Hot Tips To Win Your Ex Back That Really Work

flirt 300x200 4 Hot Tips To Win Your Ex Back That Really WorkAre you ready to win your ex back?

Are you sure?

Before attempting to win your ex back, certain phases have to be completed. To get more detailed tips on how to win your ex back, I highly recommend you watch my free video revealing the #1 secret to win your ex back! You can sign up for it right next to this post.

1.  Do not communicate with your ex anymore

Yes, we do mean cutting yourself off of all means of communication with your ex. Refrain from phoning, even if you rehearsed what you are going to say, what you need to explain, what you want to clarify, what you should have said. Don’t. Do not email it either! No texting, no Facebook visits, no twittering. No showing up “spontaneously” where you are sure your ex will be. It would be too obvious. Avoid spying, you might get caught and look totally silly. If you do run into your ex by sheer coincidence, stay pleasant and cut it short.

2.  Crying is very soothing – when it’s over.

Get your friends to help you. Use all the boxes of tissues you need.

3.  Get your self-esteem back

Pick up what you dropped when you started going out with your ex. Fishing, sailing, running, sowing, scrapbooking, collecting stamps, whatever made you happy before you started the relationship.

4.  Get back out there

Start going out again. See a movie, take a burger, get some fancy coffee. This will make you get out of the house, exercise a little, get back in motion.

Okay, you are now ready.

You are confident, self-assured, you got your self-esteem high up there again, and you are self-sufficient. Be what you know they want you to be. You don’t have to change your whole personality: after all, it’s your true personality that won them over in the first place! Stay natural, know your worth, and feel attractive. If you feel attractive, you become attractive to others.

Flirt with your ex. Act like you did when you first met. By this, we mean: avoid bringing up old issues; do not act jealous or insecure; be confident, and say how you really feel. So many relationships have been salvaged by just saying the right thing at the right moment. Do not argue, do not blame your ex, do not smother, do not take blame or apologize profusely. Needy and insecure feelings will just turn your ex off. Stay positive. Be comfortable in admitting your mistakes. You have the power within you to win your ex back. You had it in you all along. It may have gotten flattened by routine and daily minor aggravations, but it is there for you to reach down and get it. Fluff up that power, give it new energy.

Learn from your mistakes. Both of you. Take time to consider what went wrong and what you can both do to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Everyone deserves to be happy. If you can be happy together, why not communicate better and try to solve the problems before breaking up again? Relationships need lots of love and a little bit of work.

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