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How To Save A Marriage – First Thing You MUST Do

How to Save a Marriage- The First Thing You Must Do

Author: James Moore

The First Step in how to save a marriage may not be as easy as you think. The most common advice for any time there is conflict, whether it is in a marriage or if your microwave stops working is to identify the problem.  Well with a microwave that is pretty easy since it is obvious that there is a problem to begin with.

With relationships this step can be tough because a lot of the time you are not even aware there is a problem.  You think everything is fine, but your spouse tells you that it is not.  So before you can identify the problem in your marriage, you first need to be aware that you should be looking for one.

Any marriage will have its normal highs and lows, that is how it works. What we are talking about here is when the  lows have lasted quite a long time and things just never get back on track. In some cases you realize you are bickering all the time, and never seem to agree on anything or the opposite, you never even talk to each other much any more.

What you want to happen is to realize things are off kilter before a big blow up or you get the speech about how they love you but are not in love with you anymore.  However, most people end up starting to examine how to save a marriage when they get that speech or one like it.

So the important thing to do is to figure out what the problem is really about.  Once you have that, you can take steps to try and fix it.  Particularly if you can see things that involve you, yourself and therefore you can make changes and see if that helps. Sometimes with some honest reflection  there will be problems that are simple to fix, other times you will need some professional guidance, from relationship guides or with counseling to help you dig into the roots of things.  They give you the questions to be asking, you do the hard work. Either way until you can identify what that underlying problem is, you won’t be able to fix it.  It really is the most important step to figuring out how to save a marriage.

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About the Author

Knowing how to save a marriage can be the difference between a healthy, functional relationship and divorce court.  Couples that face these issues know how to put in the hard work, but lack the guidance to point them along the right path.  I was once in this boat.

Once we found the proper guidance, we were able to address our issues, and work together to put things back on track.  This can all happen for you, but you have to take action now.  It is time to take control of your life and regain the happiness you once had.  Learn more HERE.


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